Weed Science Strategy for Green Management
Institute for Urban Weed Science
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About us

The Institute for Urban Weed Scienc is a non-profit organization that was established in 2008.
We provide professional services to landscape technologists, researchers, and landscape constructors for the development of products, technologies, and businesses related to urban weed management.
The objectives of this institute are
-to promote research, education, and extension/outreach activities related to urban weeds
-to propagate science-based information and promote the use of science-based technologies among the public and policy makers
-to foster an awareness of urban weeds and their impact on managed and natural ecosystems

Services Provided

Our weed science-based service is committed to offering solutions that will improve urban weed management and developing products, technologies, and programs for clients in the field of landscape businesses.
*Designing of urban weed management tools for landscape technologists and landscape constructors: low impact and sustainable development and planning
 - Design, installation, and maintenance of weed management
 - Soil management, bioretention, and circulation
 - Short-term weed management
 - Long-term weed management
*Urban green care tools for product distributors and professional landscapers: low-input development and planning
 - Impact of weeds on urban landscapes
 - Turf, ornamentals, tree, and ground care
 - Weed management program
*Urban green asset management tools for policy or decision-makers: environmental impact, development, and planning
 - Weed impact on managed urban ecosystems
 - Evaluation of green properties and environmental financials


Membership is open to all individuals and organizations interested in our services.
For more details on membership, please contact us using the button provided below.

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